There are more than 1000 animals from around 100 species in the Saarbrücken Zoological Garden.

Nature and species conservation: The zoo is under scientific management and is a member of recognized national and international zoological associations, the Verband der Zoologischen Gärten (VdZ) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

Saarbrücken Zoo organizes and is involved in other nature and species conservation programs. The focus is on the protection of endangered gorillas and their habitats as well as the highly endangered lemurs on Madagascar or the drill - one of the most endangered monkey species in Africa. The zoo maintains memberships here for, among others, the Association Européenne pour l'étude et la conservation des Lémuriens or the association Sphenisco, which is committed to the protection of the Humboldt penguin.